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Because a part of me is reluctant to share at the levels I choose to share I decided to create this disclosure first. 

Please read this page knowing if you’re not ready to take what I share it’s 100% OK! 

Whatever you choose to do what’s important is you have fun with the process and avoid taking any of the assignments too serious. Just have fun and enjoy your journey. Life is about growth. 

Embrace the process.💪



I was honestly indecisive with how deep I should share my insight. It lead me to question my actions. At first I wasn’t going to go deep because I didn’t want to stress anyone by encouraging one to overthink. Especially if they haven’t really taken their thoughts to a place as such. 

Looking at the odds of either stressing you or not giving you my complete attention I felt troubled. I took it upon my self to weigh the odds and concluded it was best for me to share this insight for I would rather give you my complete attention than not. 

Just know that this insight is only meant to open your mind. That’s it. If what I say is indeed foreign I ask you not to take this information too serious and instead have fun with it. Do a little bit now. Come back later to pursue further when you’re ready. 

Often times when we focus on self we open up old wounds. This is not my intention yet I know the possibility of opening old wounds is far greater than not. Please do not hold this against me. For, at the same time, it’s an opportunity to get past old wounds and allow them to heal so you achieve your greatest desires. 

Old wounds are part of life. We all have wounds. Life would not be without them. It’s how we handle these wounds that determine how victorious they are over us OR how victorious we are over them.

I pray you see my positive intentions. I know the power of old wounds. I know they can either hold us back or empower us to live far greater… far richer lives. Because of this and the time we all live in today I chose to dive a little deeper than at any other time in a group type setting. 

Because I don’t know you and you don’t me its a little harder sharing what I’m about too yet the more you discover of yourself, no matter the pain, the greater your success… the greater your strength and overall confidence now and well into the future. This is more important now than ever. 

Once again only go as deep as you like with your thoughts…. one step at a time, while giving yourself credit for who you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go, every step of the way.  

Come back later as you desire. 


A child intuitively knows she must crawl before she walks. Walk before she runs. Even though these achievements are pivotal in a childs life, she rarely remembers those moments as much as the stories in between. ~Robyne Arrow
Embrace it all ...


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