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If you liked the basic “Who Are You” exercise and want to take it a notch further this is the assignment for you.

Who Are You has been provided as a deep thinking assignment.

Embrace the process.💪


"Who Are You"

Your brand new journey officially begins!!! Thoughts must be racing through your mind but the one thing I would like for you to focus on: 


Today, this Assignment asks you to spend time on you… and on what you want to achieve in the next 12 months. NOT what someone wants you to achieve…  rather what YOU want to achieve.

Do you know when one thinks about limitations their consciousness is actually picking up on another belief system. When one thinks of the possibilities they are actually in their most natural state.

Today is the day you begin embracing YOU and all the possibilities that go along with YOU being YOU.

Focusing on you is a necessity and is not a selfish act even though others may say it is. 

It’s about learning how to juggle the world around you so you can begin to allow yourself to flourish.  At some point you want to learn how to bring yourself forward in the forefront of your life. 

So much more can be accomplished when you are at the forefront of your life. Let’s face it if you‘re not in control of you and your life than you can be assured you will have 100 things fighting to be. 

The fact is, without you in the forefront, your journey can’t begin. In order for your journey to begin the focus needs to be on you…. not what someone else wants you to or is doing to lose weight and get fit.  

You don’t need to focus on every detail about who you are because the thing is as you focus on self and you experience success you will find you becoming more you. Thoughts will change. Confidence builds.  You will have more energy. Sleep better. Drive deeper than ever before. The thoughts about how to live life will change. So, don’t worry about all the little details. Clarity will come. Start simple, “Who Are You?” and “What Do You Want To Achieve?”. 

Here are a few questions you want to ask yourself and write about:

What do I like most about myself?

What one thing would I like to change about myself?


When doing your assignments always “Date” the top of your paper so when you go back to reread or redo the assignment you can see how far you have come. 

Then I have one more question for you to ponder as you pursue today’s assignment. 

Would you agree “one” is defined by their thoughts? I personally agree. 

I too believe that often times our thoughts are based on where we’ve been… our past. We base who we are right now… today… this very moment by our past. Even our future is often looked at by our past experiences. What do you think? Would you agree with that statement?

Write down in your journal your thoughts on this question.

What do you do if your past is based on hurt, failure and the opinion of what others think you can or can’t achieve? 

You might think I’m nuts by saying what I’m about to say…. but I’m going to say it anyway; 

Embrace it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!“. 

YEP!!! Embrace it all

When we judge the past it somehow mysteriously shackles us to just that; the past. Embracing it is the KEY to unlocking those shackles. Embracing the past allows us to move forward.  So, Embrace it…. and…. Let it go! 

Just note you can’t get control of your life by focusing on what you‘re leaving behind. You get control of your life by “focusing your thoughts” on “where you‘re headed” and “where you want to be”. 

Life will always be about lessons learned. But, those lessons don’t dictate who you are unless, of course, you decide they do.  

There is so much to say about this topic however, I will stop here. 



Are you an overachiever or an underachiever? 

Are you more focused about what others think about you or more focused on what you think of self?


Time: 15-30 minutes


And the day came when it was more painful to remain tight in a bud than it was to blossom ~Anais Nin
Embrace it all ...


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