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The Future Letter is a fun, eye-opening exercise. Invest at least 30 minutes of your time with this assignment. The more time you put into this exercise the more in-control you’ll feel as you move forward.

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Have fun with your Future Letter.💪


"Future Letter"

Please get out your journal or a piece of paper and pencil to write your Future letter.  This is not a Future letter to self. This is a Future letter to a friend.

Before writing, read the following tips to discover how to make the most out of writing a memorable Future Letter.

Step #1:

Dedicate a solid, uninterrupted block of time to write your Future Letter.

Pretend that it’s one year from now and you’re writing a letter to someone you care about and who would want to celebrate your success. In the letter share what has transpired and what you have accomplished during the past year.

This format helps you connect with what you really want, not what you think you “should” do and create.

For maximum effectiveness, balance what you currently believe is possible.

For example, lets say part of your long term vision is to get in the best shape of your life. You haven’t yet taken the steps and your not sure how to make it happen. All you know is you’re going to achieve your success.

Rather than write about what you don’t know write about what you believe you can accomplish. Here are a few examples.


  • I’ve gotten so good at meal prepping and grocery shopping that I’ve become comfortable cooking yummy flavorful meals.
  • When I first started working out I didn’t even feel sore and I still saw amazing results.  
  • I use to eat fast food everyday but my cooking improved so much I don’t eat fast food any more.
  • My sleeping is so much better now and I’m finally getting a full nights rest and wake up feeling energized. No more sleepless, restless nights.
  • I love how consistent my workouts are. I have not missed one workout since I started four months ago.
  • I love how I look in my clothes. I look and feel like a million dollars.
  • I feel so much more confident about how to get in shape that I’m much more relaxed and happy. I’m really happy. 
  • I love how strong, long and lean my legs look.
  • I can climb a flight of stairs, jog a few miles without feeling winded.
  • I had a doctors visit just last week and my doctor said I was in perfect condition.


Then include in your Future Letter something that stretches your belief system.


  • I just got home from my first mud run with 20 obstacles and I was the first one to the finish line. Look at my shiny gold medal!!
  • I just signed up to participate in the state fitness show in just a few months so now I need to strategize my training and eating accordingly. This is how I’m going to strategize……
  • I entered my first Figure contest and won!
  • I’m really enjoying the experience of getting healthy, strong and in shape. I feel like I can tackle and challenge life throws my way.


PLEASE NOTE: The more detail you write, the greater your connection with what you want to achieve, the easier it is to succeed. So, try to get descriptive; colors, environment, sounds and more, with your Future Letter. 

Example, describe your medal; the color, what’s on the medal, is anything written on it, what about your expression when you’re handed the medal and describe the expressions of those watching, even the roar of the crowd. Go as far as describing where you place the medal when you bring it home. 

An example of how to start and write your Future Letter:

I can’t believe I sit here twelve months from the day I started my “Fitness” journey. I finally achieved success with what I’ve been attempting to do for years. And, honestly it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I owe my success to embracing and focusing on me not someone else who achieved what I wanted too. 

I had fun getting to know myself. I’m proud of myself, so much more confident and I look forward to doing more. Sure there were times when I doubted myself wondering whether I would succeed but I overcame every single challenge. 

There were people like Debbie Downer who said I wouldn’t achieve my goals. She kept saying, “What makes this time any different from the other times I tried?”. But you know what? I didn’t let her disbelief in me dictate my belief in self. I trusted myself this time. I felt 100% in control too. 

I want to share how happy I am. That after all these years I finally accomplished what I wanted to. I am ________________ and ______________. And you know what? I also did ________________. I thought you’d be happy for me and I wanted to share my success with you and ask if you wanted to celebrate with me by ________________.

STEP #2: Read your Future Letter to self once per day for the next several days. 

Some of the best times to read your letter is before bed or first thing in the morning. 

Before bed is a good time because it will imprint a stronger vision into your subconscious as you rest. 

First thing in the morning is great too as it has been known to give the reader an extra edge to overcome the day’s obstacles and challenges. 

You’ve got this. Take charge!


And the day came when it was more painful to remain tight in a bud than it was to blossom ~Anais Nin
Embrace it all ...


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