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DAY #2


Good morning Sunshine! Today is Day #2 👋. Now that we completed the basic getting started to-do’s and you’re learning how to work the basic system it’s time to get a little personal. 

For the next few days we are going to focus on you and your goals.

Have fun with the process and avoid taking any of the assignments too serious. Just have fun!



You are well on your way. Just a few more days before starting the 10 Day + and you can see the true power of self and what you and your body are capable of. Very exciting! I’m excited for you and all you’re about to learn, discover and experience. 

To recap:

Yesterday we did a quick “Who Are You” assignment. If you’d like to take that assignment a step further click here for an advanced version of “Who Are You”. 

Today’s assignment begins with the first of three assignments;

-Future Letter



Tomorrow you’ll work on the Vision assignment. And, the next day on the Manifesto or your, “Declaration of Personal Power”. 

I truly believe in the power of these assignments and believe they outweigh any type of goal setting exercises. 

Today you receive the 10 Day + Nutritional Weight Loss Guide and its’ companion recipe book in a PDF file. Spend time reviewing these 2 books. 

We will be starting the 10 Day + in just a few days.  If you opted for receiving the hard copy of the 10 Day + you should receive them in the mail within the next few days. 

Tomorrow you have a “Vision” assignment along with how to write a Manifesto or a Declaration of Personal Power. Another powerful assignment you want to complete during the “Getting Started” phase. 




If you haven’t already please complete the Assessment before moving forward with todays to-do’s. Your Assessment is the lifeline to your success.  

Time: 15-30 minutes


If you haven't already please complete the Assessment. Expect to spend 15-30 minutes on the Assessment. Click on the title, "Assessment" above to get started.


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NOTE: Today’s assignment includes the first part of your Future Letter. Tomorrows assignment includes the second part. 

The only rule to these assignments is that you have fun, focus on what you want to achieve and believe is possible. 

Remove all negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.  How do you remove negative thoughts? 

What I do is, as soon as negative thoughts come up I immediately replace them with positive one’s. For instance, if something comes to me and says, “You can’t do that” I say oh yes I can! 

Negative thoughts are just that. Just as we are taught to think negative about certain things we can easily reteach ourselves to think positive. Don’t worry if the negative thoughts come back. Repeat the process. 

Did you know: it takes approximately 21 times to change an old way? Just keep replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. 

Whatever you do… don’t feed negative thoughts. Feed only the positive thoughts! 

The key is learn how to work with who you are and where you are right now. Learn how to open up to new thoughts that support you and who you truly are. 

It’s not that negative thoughts are bad. They just don’t work.

Time: 20-30 minutes

Future Letter Exercise

The Future Letter is an important exercise you want to do in the beginning of your journey. Don't try to get it perfect just have fun with it and see if you like it. Click "Future Letter Exercise" above to be taken to the assignment.

Future Letter Meditation

If you like the Future Letter Exercise and want to do another exercise try the supportive meditation. I think you'll enjoy it even if you're new to meditation. Click "Future Letter Meditation" to be taken to the assignment.

Past Letter

Tomorrow we are spending time on writing a letter to our future. Today we are writing a letter to our past. I believe wholeheartedly the power in you comes from embracing the present, past and future.


Provided below is your, “10 Day + Nutritional Weight Loss System” and the 10 Day + Recipe PDF files. The best way to download them to your computer is to, if you haven’t already, create a folder on your desktop for easy access. Name the new folder, “2021FIT”. Then as you follow the instructions below save these files and others to the new folder you named 2021FIT.

Now that you have created your new folder, left click each pink link individually and you’ll be taken to your computer where you can download the files for future reading.

Now that you have created your new folder, left click each pink link individually and you’ll be taken to your computer where you can download the files for future reading.

  • 10 Day +” PDF file. In order to view PDF files you want to have Adobe reader. Click here if Adobe reader isn’t yet installed on your computer or phone. On the download page they will ask if you want the pro version. Just ignore that. Click on Adobe reader.
  • Recipe Book” Access dozens of color coded recipes to work with the 10 Day + Nutritional Weight Loss System. Each recipe has a carb count. 

Time: 5-10 minutes



Each day provides a new set of FAQ to assist on your quest. If you believe a question needs to be in the FAQ click the Black Box below and let me know. Please, put the name of the assignment along with FAQ in the subject line. Thank you!

Of course you can. Many members do. Either email your Future Letter directly to with Day #2 in the subject line. Or, click the black box below. Either way is fine. I always respond back 😍

Along side your 10 Day + download is another link to download Adobe Reader to your laptop or computer. Most computers come with Adobe Reader but most phones don’t. If you want to have the 10 Day + on your phone go to the Google store if you have an android phone and search for Adobe reader for phones and download to your phone. If you have an iphone go to itunes store and search for adobe reader to download, If you have any problems with downloading Adobe Reader please click the “Black Box” below explaining what procedure you took and what’s happening along with the type of device you are using; android, ios, laptop.

Time: 5 minutes


And the day came when it was more painful to remain tight in a bud than it was to blossom ~Anais Nin
Embrace it all ...


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