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The Favorite Foods List is a quick, eye-opening exercise and will play a huge part in your short and long term success.

Success doesn’t come from calorie counting or choosing the same healthy foods every one else is eating. Success comes from learning what foods work best with you and your body at work. 💪


"Favorite Foods List"

Now that we spent some time on meal planning and have a better understanding of the Low, Medium, High menus the next step is to write out a list of your Favorite Foods. The purpose of this list is to learn how to personalize the 10 Day + menu’s.   

In the beginning we are only going to add one or two items from your Favorite Foods list. The reason is because we want to get your body in optimal working order before adding in other foods so we can see how your body responds to them. 

After writing out your list of favorites write next to each item whether it goes in the Low, Medium or High menu. 

Look at the featured photo above to see how one member chose to lay out her “Favorite Foods” list. She wrote the days above and then following the 10 Day color code in the book she placed her favorite foods in the boxes according to the type of day; Low, Medium, High.

Look below to get a better understanding of what goes into each of the menus. 

Tomorrow we go over grocery shopping do’s and dont’s. 

We are two days away from starting. 😊



Organize your Favorite “Low” (L) Foods For Your LOW Day

Rules & Tips

Are your “LOW” food choices natural? Fresh is always best, frozen is second best and canned is third best.

What are you favorite meats? (During the 1st 10 Days no Pork!!!!!)

Do you like sugar-free jello? What’s your favorite flavors and fruits to add?

Cheese? White over orange is best because of the coloring you find in orange cheeses. If you like a chedder cheese than try a white chedder or a Jack cheese?

Jerky? But limit until you see how your body responds. In some cases jerky will constipate the system due to its high concentration and processing combined. You can always make your own jerky with fresh meats. 

Olives? I love a good olive; black or green. As you advance further into the program you will learn more about olives and other foods. 

Or, if you don’t want to wait until advanced readings you can always check out this link;


Organize your Favorite “Medium” (M) Foods For Your MEDIUM Day

Rules & Tips

Everything in your LOW menu plus foods mentioned above. Before including any of your Medium foods check out the grocery shopping video to learn what’s important to look at in a food label. 

For example, my favorite is a Snyder Pretzel but sometimes their ingredients change. So, I always make it a point to look at their list of ingredients. Sometimes, “Soy” is in their list of ingredients sometimes “Soy” isn’t listed. If it’s listed I won’t purchase. And to be honest I have been purchasing lesser known brands due to consistency in their list of ingredients. 

Also, if a product has genetic engineering completely avoid the product and find something else to replace either the texture or flavor. If it can’t be found I would forego the specific food and check later for either a new food or list of ingredients to see. 


Organize your Favorite “High” (H) Foods For Your HIGH Day

Rules & Tips

There a few items I avoid completely in the High menu. Those items are oatmeal and breads. 

Most oatmeal is highly processed. Unless you can find a good Oat from Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, Scotland and even England I would forego Oats all together. 

Because Oats only grow in cold regions of the world most other places, including the United States, have to mass produce Oats. You want to avoid “mass production” because there’s generally tons of additives to speed up production high crop sprays and low quality dirt, etc. 



Most frequent questions and answers

According to science sugar-free is bad for many reasons. So is regular sugar. 80% of sugar is man made. Why is this a problem? The body cannot metabolize man made products. The body will try as this is what the body is designed to do. The body will try to break the item down, which is the reason why you feel lethargic from the body being overtaxed. Once the body realizes it cannot break down an ingredient it then gets stored in weak sites of the body prompting disease, sickness or illness overtime. 

However, every “body” is different (for a variety of reasons) and people’s will be affected differently by the foods they eat. The key is to find those foods that work against your body at work then find another food item that has similar flavor and texture to replace it. 

What’s more valuable than data behind a product is how your body responds to it. Instead, of allowing science or experts tell you what you should eat learn how to allow your body to determine for the best results from weight loss, overall health, and fitness.

By the way, I choose sugar free products for jello and most fudgesicles. When it comes to syrups I purchase the real thing. Real unfiltered syrups are naturally non-processed. So, even though I may choose sugar with some products other products I choose sugar-free. Why? Because how my body responds to the food.  

Not just yet. The main key is to get your body in optimal working order. This is done by working with the menus provided in the program. 

The favorites exercise is provided to see if any foods on your list are on the 10 Day + menu’s. 

If not, then we try to determine one or two to input during the first 10 days. 

Always check the big NO’s in the OK foods list first before making the decision. Also, check out the links provided in this exercise to learn more about the foods in question.


Learning how to work with who you are is key. Like when thorougbreds run they wear blinders to keep their eyes focused straight ahead with no outside distraction or focus on where the other horses are. They just run their own race. That's what you have to do.
Run Your own race...


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