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Today’s assignment is centered around writing a Declaration of Personal Power. Or, otherwise known as a Manifesto. 

Invest at least 30 minutes of your time with this assignment. As with other exercises the more time you put into each exercise the more in-control you’ll feel as you move forward.

Please read my personal message to you below before starting your Manifesto.



A message from me to you before writing your own Manifesto.

Dear Member, 

At some point in time there comes a time in our life where we find ourselves standing in front of a mirror asking: “Why, is it I feel within the courageous heart of a lion yet live as a mere mouse?

We must look squarely into our own tired eyes and examine why we waste so much time sniffing at every distraction, why we cower at the thought of revealing our true identity to self, why we scurry so quickly from our own commitment, run to the chaos we or others create and why we accept our actions to play small; creating useless distractions one after another.

Each distraction taking us further away from that inner voice that say’s who we are and what we are capable of and then complaining each step of the way why we do not live a life of plentiful.

We must ask why we participate so humbly in society’s frantic race, allowing ourselves into its mazes of mediocrity and settling for scraps of reward when nature has offered unlimited freedom, power, and abundance to the bold, the determined, the creative, the independent—to each of us.

We must ask if our desires to feel mediocre and accepted are in fact enslaving us to limit self—and to rarely succeeding what it is we truly desire. We must ask: When will we be ready to ascend to another level of existence? ~ Robyne Arrow

What Is A Manifesto

manifesto is a declaration of one’s beliefs, opinion, motives, purpose and intentions. A written document declaring what is important to the person writing the manifesto.

manifesto serves as both a “statement of principles” and a bold, and in some cases rebellious, call to action

manifesto causes the individual to evaluate where they are in comparison to their Future Letter prompting one to question their level of commitment provoking change.

What Are The Benefits Of Writing A Manifesto? 

manifesto is a powerful source of inspiration and one that can easily be read every day. Manifesto’s help you write down on paper who you believe you truly are from an unbiased point of view.

What Do You Do With A Manifesto

Read your manifesto every day upon awaking, during difficult times, and as a reminder of who you truly are and what you want out of life before going off to sleep.

Can A Manifesto Be Changed? 

Of course, Manifesto’s can be rewritten over and over again. Let’s keep in mind a manifesto is written to strengthen who we are and accomplishing various tasks that are important to us. When rewriting your manifesto ask self if this is to improve self from the previous manifesto or if you are trying to make things simpler.

How Do You Write A Manifesto

There is really no right or wrong way to writing a manifesto. It is totally up to you. You may choose to write a very direct manifesto or write according to very specific priorities important to you or how you believe you could handle various challenges better. 

Whatever you do take a few days looking at your life and how you respond to your life. (Which is what we have done these last few assignments) Is who you are currently projecting yourself day in and day out to self who you are or an aspect of who you become? 

Whatever you write don’t hold back… spill your deepest thoughts and don’t be afraid to express your true feelings. 

TIP: If something is important enough to you void writing in passive state like “I want” rather “I WILL” or instead of writing “I can” write “I AM”.

Whenever you plan to sit and write your manifesto take your time in a quiet space.

Here are a few of my personal suggestions:

Write down what is most important to you. In our case for this membership our purpose is to focus on relationship with self. Who are you without regard to your current situation or input of past judgments from self and others. What and who do you believe yourself to be! 

Declare self and your principles. Write down your beliefs, motives and intentions about your goal for this assignment. 

Now is the time to lay your cards down on the table. 

Sometimes you may not realize the feelings you have about something until you write them down and take a step back to reminisce.

Below is a sample of what I wrote for my manifesto in the section of hardships:

Regardless the situation I find myself in I am going to be kind and considerate about the situation before taking action. I am strength, patience and in control of how I feel for if I react quickly I am reacting by what surrounds me not by who I am and what I stand for. I am the courage necessary to stand tall to my principles and what I want out of my life. Sometimes situations aren’t worth the extra effort I put into it and it isn’t until I take myself out of that situation that I see the real me. I am powerful, filled with love, strength and a steadfast focus on what I want not what life projects to me.


I hope there is enough insight to what a manifesto is, how to write one and the benefits behind them. 

Write not only what you want today… but what you want from your life. 

Break it down. 

Rock your manifesto

Charm yourself..

Later, if you find it hard living up to your manifesto ask where your weaknesses are and how you can improve. Never lessen the manifesto due to the mere fact of feeling week or having a hard day. You are writing down your manifesto because that’s what you believe.

The true art of being a success… and yes being a success is true artis not only being an individual knowing what you believe and feel but having the guts to live it, be it and experience it through all the sweat and tears necessary to break through and meet self for the very first time.

<Whewww that was longer than expected >


“Dear past, thank you for the lessons. Dear present, thank you for the gift. Dear future, thank you for the opportunity to improve.” ~Robyne Arrow
Thank You ...


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