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Are Your Home Workouts Getting You Results Like This?

Are Your Home Workouts Getting You Results Like This?

Just Because They Haven't... Doesn't Mean They Can't...


Get Instant Access & Learn How To Take Your Home Workouts To The Next Level For Just $197, $147 Only $1  If You Act Now!

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No Contracts, Zero Risk, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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Then, only if you Love the experience of having world class trainers guiding your every fitness move, working out with people around the world, love the results you see and inner strength you feel from your home workouts you can continue your membership for only $37 a month. The $37 monthly membership is only offered this one time. The good news is when you act now you grandfather in at that price and will never pay higher monthly dues.

Regular Retail value: $197 monthly. 

Just Because They Haven't... Doesn't Mean They Can't...


Get Instant Access & Learn How To Take Your Home Workouts To The Next Level For Just $197, $147 Only $1 If You Act Now!

If you want to get Strong Redefine Your Home Workouts 

After you click the Get Started button above, you will fill out a few quick details, pay $1 and get instant access to your 14 day trial of the Get In Shape Challenge.

Then, only if you Love the experience of having world class trainers guiding your every fitness move, working out with people from around the world, love the results you see and inner strength you feel from your home workouts you can continue your membership for only $37 a month. The $37 monthly membership is only offered this one time. The good news is when you act now you grandfather in at that price and will never pay higher monthly dues. 

Regular Retail value: $197 monthly. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Contracts, Zero Risk, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!


All of us here know the importance and value of good health and a sound mind. Our mission is to support our community no matter the miles a part or funds available.  

Since none of us know how long our neighborhood gyms will be closed it’s important to know you can continue to stay healthy, workout, laugh and be among friends who care. You will never be turned away due to lack of funds.

Also, those who continue to make monthly payments we thank you. Your continued support is paving the way for others who find themselves in a situation where they are unable to pay. Your support helps others stay strong, confident and healthy at a time where our health; mentally and physically are at their most important. Thank You

These aren't ordinary HOME WORKOUTS


Get in Shape Challenges makes it easy and affordable to stay on top of your fitness goals at a time when your health, both mind and body, need to be at their most optimal state. We know it’s a very stressful time but whatever you do… do not put your health on the back burner.

Get one on one guidance, direction and support in a group setting from world class fitness coaches. Our world class fitness coaches keep you challenged according to your fitness levels, and goals so you get results, feel strong and happy. Plus, enjoy the interaction with new friends you meet who enjoy exercising, staying healthy and strong as much as you.

Don’t workout alone. Workout with us, HAVE FUN among new friends from around the world; Australia, London, Brazil, China, United States, Italy and more, improve your fitness levels, laugh lots, and get results quick. And, oh ya an elevated heart rate.

But That’s Not All

Real Time Interaction

If you're tired of working out alone you'll love Get In Shape Challenge (GISC) classes. GISC is not another Live workout or DVD. Nope! Far from it. Instead, you interact with other class participants, and world class fitness coaches in "REAL TIME". Nothing is pre-recorded.

Class Variety

Choose from 70+ home workout classes each week.
No two classes are the same and you can participate in as many classes as you want.

Look below to view our class schedule.

Quick Effective Workouts

Classes are 15-45 minutes and are designed according to who's in class.

Get You In Shape

Workouts are not cookie-cutter workouts. All home workouts are written by highly experienced fitness coaches who have been coaching others 10-40 years. Designed for all fitness levels including beginners. Having fun with your home workouts is our focus and getting you results is our mission.

User Happiness

Experienced fitness coaches, exercise strategy's that get fast results, meeting new friends from around the globe equal HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY YOU!

Total Connect

Our home workout classes are Real-Time, ONLINE & Interactive between fitness coach and participants.

We're tired of anti-social workouts. So we created real-time workouts you can perform right in the comfort of your home with others from around the world.


Sample of the Weekly Class Schedule

With 70+ fitness classes to choose from each week you’re home workouts will never get boring. Come hang out with us to; 

  • Get refreshing and invigorating workouts
  • Have loads of laughs with other like minded people from around the world
  • Get healthy, exercise your lungs, elevate your heart rate and socialize with others
  • Don’t lose all your hard work trying to figure out how to get fit at home
  • Get guidance and support from world class fitness coaches who help you achieve whatever you desire 










Start your 14 day trial as a New Premium Member for $1. Classes are filling quickly so we don’t know how long we will be able to accept new members. (AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Contracts, Zero Risk, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

the new way to workout in 2020

The NEW way to workout in 2020 is online with a “real-time”, interactive fitness coach in a group setting with other sweaty, hard-working, like minded participants.

DVD’s are too outdated.

It takes too much time finding the right exercise video on Youtube and they don’t always get results.

Even classes at gyms cannot compare to Get In Shape Challenge – Home Workouts!

And, when comparing XBOX to Get In  Shape Challenge (GISC) classes “XBOX” is BORING!!

In 2020 we changed things up and introducing what we’ve been doing offline for 40 years and online for 10 years. For instance

  • Have an “injury”, with medical clearance? Coaches show you alternative movements to strengthen those areas. 
  • Want to “build muscle”? Coaches see to it you are building in all the right areas and not toning.
  • Want to “tone your body without building a ton of muscle”? Coaches structure your workout so you’re toning and shaping.
  • Just getting started? AWESOME! “Exercise Form” should be your main FOCUS. Coaches show you HOW TO EXERCISE with correct form and create good exercise habits. You’re going to love how we do things around here.

You’re probably wondering about now… “Wait… what?” and thinking, “So, you’re saying we work out together and even laugh together?

No matter where we are in the world?

From the comfort of my own home?

How is that possible?

Yep…. you, coaches and other participants at the same time in one group setting.


Real Time conversations, laughs, and workouts…

In the comfort of your own home… regardless your fitness level…


Many have referenced these classes as:

  • Better than coffee,
  • Amazing Quick Results,
  • Lots of Fun & Laughter,
  • Motivating and Entertaining,
  • 110X Better than regular gym fitness classes.


You have the best of ALL worlds:

  1. Personal Fitness Trainers come to you,
  2. You get individualized direction, and workout strategies promoting FAST results… 
  3. Get inspired and energized by others, who are working out with you in the same class, from around the world.
  4. You don’t have to visit a gym to see results. 


All of this plus amazing workouts designed around you and others in class come to you in the comfort of your home. 

We realize, if you never attended one of our classes, how hard it must be to comprehend exactly what it is we have here.

So many fitness websites say their exercise classes are LIVE. But they’re not LIVE… they’re pre-recorded. Nothing more than a DVD. 

Have a look at the screenshot below of a Get In Shape Challenge fitness class to see what participation in one of our classes looks like whether you’re on a computer, mobile phone, or tv.

Each box represents one/two persons workout area. 

As you can see some participants are home, some are at the beach, the park, with their children, spouse or friend. (We have been doing classes before the Virus)

We come to you wherever you are! 

We work with each individual according to their goals, fitness levels, injury, motivation levels and more. 

All in a GROUP Setting. As one girl says, “When you show someone in class how to improve their form I’m always checking mine”. Ohhhh…. what fun and RESULTS! 

IMAGINE participating in the next online class while in the comfort of your home (or wherever you want), talking and laughing with participants from around the world, getting support, guidance and direction from any one of our “Get in Shape Challenge” world class fitness coaches.  

Are you ready to REDEFINE your workouts? Get Results?  

No more doubt about what exercises to do or what order to do them in.

No more stress or lack of motivation.

No more wondering how to create the perfect body for you?

No more exhaustive searches for motivation on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other social networking sites.

No more research spending hours sifting through contradicting information trying to learn how to create the body you want!

No more questions to post on Facebook groups to only get back 100 different answers.

No more frustration because you’re not seeing results!

We’ve done the research for you and have been for over 40 years.

Can you think of a better way to get fit?

If you’re wondering what classes are like, take the $1, 14 day trial. 

Seriously, there’s no way you’ll ever know what you’re missing  unless you attend class the 2020 way. 

We take the risk because we are confident once you experience this type of class you’ll stay with us for months to come and get in the best shape of your life.

I can promise you one thing…. “You’ve never experienced anything like this”!

Ok two…. “You’re going to love it here”.

You can choose to interact with other participants and be seen by them in class or use the option to mute yourself. (Just remember if you “mute” yourself I won’t be able to see and correct your form if necessary) Either way is ok and can be changed by you at any time. 

And here’s a few shots of me teaching you in class. You can either choose to see just me or everyone like above. 

Have fun interacting and socializing with everyone in class or simply stay muted. It’s your choice.
Whatever you do don’t workout alone. Exercise is a great way to release stress, build up your immune system, get healthy and strong.

With Every Single Workout You’re Going To Receive:

  • Individualized and specialized attention during the REAL-TIME workouts so you can learn whether you’re exercising correctly or NOT. 
  • Plus, you get weight lifting and other fitness tips during each class showing you how to 10X your get in shape, fitness results. 
  • Plus, you no longer have to fret over the thought of working out alone. You have a workout partner (s) you can depend on for as long as you’re a member
  • Learn how to advance your fitness to the next level with hands on during our LIVE workouts with Robyne and other world class fitness trainers
  • Heck you won’t even get anxious about all those life’s challenges that try getting in the way because you have a supportive community of members who want to see you succeed just as much as they want to succeed
  • Exercise classes are taught in a real-time, online learning environment and are designed by Robyne Arrow; world class athlete and international personal trainer where every workout class is designed around those in attendance. 
  • Workouts require minimal equipment so you have the flexibility and convenience to exercise anywhere whether at home, work, at the park or while on vacation. 
  • Expect to have fun, a load of laughs, a rewarding fitness journey and lots of beautiful results that will put a smile on your face and you in the driver seat. 
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have workout equipment. Robyne has been doing this a long time and knows what items work and are easy to acquire.


WOW, Serious FUN!! I get to hang out with others from around the world while working out.
melisa P.
product designer
Quick RESULTS! 3 Days in and I'm already seeing results. How can this be so quick?
marina d.
marketing manager
I'm LOVING this! If you knew me you'd know I'm not a gym guy... but WOW I LOVE this!
denis m.
music producer
WOW, your motivation is contagious. I have a much better outlook when I exercise with you.
Sandy J.
I've never had this much enthusiasm and actually dreaded waking up in the mornings. I feel healthier.
Elaine H.
My life is surrounded by stress but your classes help me adapt to even the biggest of challenges without a single doubt.
Rick B.
Regional Director
I love how I'm able to bring my new baby with me to workout. I'm happier and feel stronger during the day.
Lisa W.
New Mum
I don't know how you do it but my knees and lower back are pain free. Thank you. I am able to move with ease.
Dr. Jason L.
I have a low immune system and don't go to gyms. Thank you for providing this service. I'm very much grateful.
Lilly W.


I have learned so much through Robyne’s workout style. My appearance has changed enough that other people in the gym are beginning to come to me for advice; even though I’m better than 20 years older than most of them. If you are really serious about changing the way you look and feel, Robyne Arrow has the knowledge, experience and ability to help you achieve and exceed your goals. 

Jim Watt


Since starting your home workout program I have more energy than I’ve ever had. I’m amazed how much stronger I am getting. This is huge for an amateur bodybuilder. How does a 30 pound weight increase for squats and a 15 pound increase with the bench press sound? This is for 4-5 sets with an 8-10 rep. Not a one rep max. If you are serious about your home workouts and want to improve your sense of well-being DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY on any other program. 

Home workouts come and go, believe me, I’ve tried most all of them. Robyne’s program is far superior to any others. 

~Doug Tice

Working with you gave me the tools I needed to work with my schedule and my whole well being to reach new heights in many of my life’s categories. My recent successes, both personal and professional have been magnified by the overall confidence from succeeding in reaching my goals I set with you. My sales figure this year are running 100% ahead of last year. Something which is directly effected by better focus and my personal attitude. I am on a roll. Working with you has given me the opportunity to not only seize the moment but to enjoy it as well. Thanks again for developing your programs and making it available. 

~Dan Poertner

It’s amazing what Robyne has been able to do for me. I am 72 years old and have never experienced what I have with Robyne. Not only have I lost over 40 pounds in less than 3 months I have more energy that I have these last 50 years and I’m having a blast working out in her classes. Thanks Robyne you have made a wonderful difference in my life and those around me. 


I want to express my deep appreciation for the caring you have shown in my weight, work-out and general personal development. Very often, when someone functions as an adviser or coach, it is difficult for them to maintain interest and keep up the pupil’s spirits. This is certainly not the case with you. 

Dr. Gayle Carson Ed. DCSP CPCM

When I workout with Robyne I feel like a wonder woman. I feel like nothing can stop me. Get In Shape Challenge not only helped change my body it changed the way I think. I’m happier, more positive and healthier. ~Marcia A

Robyne is very enlightening. I really enjoy how she teaches the balance of mind and body in exercise and overall health. Preparing for my first marathon, I really didn’t know what to expect. Her inspiration has helped me increase my running in three weeks from a 25 minute mile to a 9 minute mile. Her knowledge has helped me connect with my inner self allowing me to push beyond what I once thought I was capable of. 

~Tanya McCarthy

Your redifined home workouts helped me create the type of body I’ve been wanting. Previous trainers provided me with programs that gave me a thick, blocky look. Other workouts I tried I felt uncomfortable following. With other home workouts I ended up injuring myself. Thanks for taking time during the classes to help me achieve my goals. Your home workout classes rock! 

~Laura J


What activities are in the classes? 

Every workout focuses on various modalities;

  • Weight Lifting for strength and shaping
  • Calisthenics for long muscles
  • Stretching for flexibility
  • Yoga for the connection between mind and body
  • Functional for movement
  • Speed to enhance agility
  • Lots of laughter to keep the spirit alive


Start your 14 day trial as a New Premium Member for $1.  (AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Contracts, Zero Risk, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Who is robyne?

Creator of Get In Shape Challenge


Robyne Arrows focus, since a young child, has been helping others achieve inner strength. She learned early on how to help others achieve this through fitness and weight loss.

She went on to work with many of the legends and won Bodybuilding shows from teenager of St. Louis to Nationals in New York placing the top 10 bodybuilder in the country.

When she realized the majority of women in the sport were using drugs she changed her course and began adopting elementary schools throughout Missouri with “Character Education” programs. 


Robyne has been focused on helping others since a young child. In fact, it was her desire to help others that led her to find ways to express her inner strength. It was through this search she found lifting weights at the age of 6. The foundation she created in the middle was then and now the foundation on which she still stands.  and has been in the forefront of her life since. 

In 1999 Robyne was recognized as one of top fifty women in America who made a difference in the lives of others. Oprah Winfrey was in this same list of fifty women. 


At the age of 29 Robyne’s career was put on hold after she was hit by a speeding commuter bus. Everything she had taught others now had to be accessed to overcome what every expert in America said she would not be able to overcome. 

She knew one day she’d be back. 

Seventeen years later Robyne returns in 2013 only to find herself amidst a society she knows very little about. 

She returns back to her fitness to establish a new foundation for herself. In her quest she finds her theory’s and concepts more powerful than ever sought. 


Robyne’s work is her life. 

You have 30 days to complete each challenge BUT don’t worry —> you’ll see results in just a few days with our state of the art strategy approach

Who is robyne?

Creator of Get In Shape Challenge

It is through this mind/body connection that I present Get In Shape Challenge home workout classes that has inspired hundreds of thousands get into the best shape of their lives, even when they never lifted a single weight prior, and enjoy the process every single step of the way. 

The best way to test the value of these concepts is to put the Get In Shape Challenge to the test with the 14 day, $1 trial. There is no obligation. You can cancel at any time. 

Regarding my background I was;

  • Nutritionist and fitness trainer for Elite and John Casablanca models,
  • Coach to pro athletes,
  • Trainer International dance troupes; Spirit of the Dance, 
  • Celebrity trainer, 
  • Fitness coach to Bodybuilder and fitness competitors, 
  • Weight loss coach for individuals who lost 10-400 pounds, 
  • Owner of Wellness centers, 
  • Regional Director of Pre-Fit; children’s fitness and sports program, 
  • Trainer to fitness trainers, 
  • And, much more.

Hello, Robyne Arrow here, founder of Get In Shape Challenge. I’m sure you’re wondering whose the person behind Get In Shape Challenge. So, I’d like to share a little about myself.

I believe despite my immense background in the health and fitness industry for over 40 years the most valuable aspect is not so much what I achieved rather my purpose behind what I do

My purpose was never about the physique. When I started lifting weight I was too young to understand the concept of having and creating a beautiful physique.

Creating a beautiful physique wasn’t important where a strong mind was.  You could say my purpose ran parallel because in order to have a strong mind I too had to connect with what I was doing in the moment. With each step I took I realized the type of body I was creating.

My goal was to find a way that could help me tap into my inner strength so I could rise above the hurt and sadness I saw others display in my immediate environment, and help them feel the same things I felt; joy, happiness and peace, if even for just one second. 

That’s what was important 50 years ago and still is just as important today. I have since worked with hundreds of thousands of individuals achieve success physically, emotionally and mentally.

The desire combined with fitness allowed me to stumble on concepts that to this day defy science.

But nothing excites me more than showing individuals who want to exercise and lift weights how to get started and create a beautiful sculpted physique and strong mind. 


First, this is where I started and I know the benefits and what can happen if one forego’s this foundation in the beginning.

Second, with all of the misleading claims out on the market getting started is the hardest part and creating a solid foundation in the beginning is the most important part. Yet the health and fitness industry and the industry professional leaders have failed to share this process with 98% of the people who want nothing more then to get fit, be health and strong. 

Too many people are walking away from the idea of getting fit and being healthy from what could prove to be the best experience of their life. This is why I present such a powerful program for individuals who desire nothing more than to get fit but don’t know how to get started or get the results they are after.

Throughout my 40+ years involved with health and fitness I’ve also accomplished every single fitness goal I set out to achieve. 

Below are just a few examples; 

  • Teenage Bodybuilder of St. Louis
  • Ms. Missouri State Bodybuilder
  • Regional Bodybuilder Champion
  • Top 10 Bodybuilder in the country
  • Ms. Fitness
  • Bicycled across the United States while working with government officials on child bike safety and children during school assembly’s on never give up on who you are.
  • Owner of Wellness Centers
  • Much more

And, I’m going to show you how you can achieve what you want. 

Without the foundation I set forth in the very beginning I would not have been able to achieve 1% of what I have. This foundation is key and I’m over the top excited to share the insight I’ve learned with you.
This foundation will change your life.
One of my personal favorite successes are briefly shared below with a few photos of a long distance bike tour I took across the United States. This specific ride was called the “Child Safety Bike Tour” where I worked with hundreds of government officials on child/bike safety and tens of thousands of children during school assemblies on “Never Give Up On Who You Are”.

3200 Mile Bike Tour

My Guerciotti Race Bike

Never Give Up Workshop on Tour


Why is the Get In Shape Challenge (GISC) the better choice? Take a look at your workout choices below:

Choices =Planet FitnessEchelonXBOXDaily BurnGISC
World Class CoachesNONONONOYES
Exercise ClassesNONONOYESYES
Interact w/ PeopleYESNONONOYES
Strategize GoalsNONONONO YES
Interactive Real Time WorkoutsNONONONOYES
**Admin/Annual FeesYES/$68YES/$98YES/$59YESNO FEES
**Price$22.99 Monthly$99.98 Monthly$399 + Extras$19.95 Monthly$37.00 Monthly

*BYO= Bring Your Own

**These are current prices


Start your 14 day trial as a New Premium Member for $1. Classes are filling quickly. We’re very sorry but we don’t know how much longer we will be able to accept new members. (AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME)

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We’re sure you’ll love Get In Shape Challenge with its amazing step-by-step system and unmatched value. But everyone is different. To protect you, Get In Shape Challenge offers a Risk Free Experience in two parts.

  1. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can use Get In Shape Challenge FULLY for 30 days, and if during those first 30 days you decide that Get In Shape Challenge was a mistake, then you can request a full refund. 
  2. No Minimums, No Contracts. You can cancel at any time. Even after your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee expires, you can still cancel your Get In Shape Challenge. Just contact us a minimum of 10 days before your next scheduled billing and we’ll stop that next charge and you’ll still have access to your account for the remainder of that billing cycle. 

Robyne Arrow

Founder, Get In Shape Challenge

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Contracts, Zero Risk, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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