Will You Help Us Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others?

We realize society has big challenges ahead. But, we too know that no challenge is too big when we have support. This is why we are reaching out to you for your help and support. 

For most people it’s hard to keep up with the current changes of society. It’s easier to feel lost, depressed, desperate and uncertain than it is to feel motivated, inspired and capable of overcoming the very challenges they are facing. 

While we realize the severity of our current issue as a society we too realize how this affects each individual. If you are about harnessing the inner strength of individuals and looking for ways to improve the mindsets of our neighbors we ask that you take a look at who we are, what we have been doing. 

All of us here at Get In Shape Challenge know the power of exercise and what it can do for each individual. There are hurdles however, more now than ever. We hope that you see the severe urgency with this matter and will reach out to help us during this time get our message out there so it may be heard by those who need to hear them.


and welcome to the world of Get In Shape Challenge. With so much uncertainty around the world going to the gym has become questionable. Home workouts are more important now than ever. Yet the motivation to start and keep going with home workouts have proven to be difficult for 90+% of those who want to be healthy and strong.

We’ve been a part of the online community promoting home workouts since 2004 helping individuals get in the best shape of their life right from the comfort of their home.  

If you’d like to share with your followers how they too can get in the best shape of their life while working out at home please contact me. I’m open for interviews and would love to share valuable tips with your followers how to get fit at home and prepare for their future..

The Rise Of Home Workouts

are failing the people. With so many choices to choose from these "Random Workouts" are failing the people. People are quickly losing the motivation, strategy or socialization needed to benefit.

If we don't focus on how to workout at home according to our own unique situation the value of fitness will be forever lost.

The key is having a strategy designed towards each persons unique personality, goals and fitness levels.

During our live, real time workouts this is exactly what we do. Using Zoom and Streamyard we are able to work with up to 100 in attendance. Over 70 classes are held each week and range from walking, yoga, meditation, full body workouts to more specialized signature courses focusing on areas such as core, arms, buttocks and legs. .

Who Is Robyne?

Robyne Arrow

World Class Athlete, Self Mastery Expert & International Fitness Trainer

A knowledgeable fitness instructor who has been teaching and training others since the age of 14. Her first gig was located in the back of a vitamin store teaching kids how to enhance their eye hand coordination and overall confidence with movement. At the age of 16 she began teaching models out of Elite modeling agency located in San Francisco, New York, Scottsdale AZ and St. Louis, MO.

Robyne’s involvement with fitness was not began for physical aspects rather taping into inner strength. She learned early on that the workings of inner strength was not going to take place following what others were doing. Rather, success would be achieved by first taping intoIf there’s someone who can explain anything fitness, Robyne is the one. She teaches you not just how to exercise, but why to do it this way and not the other.


She’s been working out since she was 6 years old and contributes every single success to her fitness endeavors and how she taught herself. 

Truth is exercise was never a means to the physical as much as the mind, the spirit and SELF MASTERY. A way to express one’s inner strength. A journey of fearless expression of one’s authentic self. To make a difference. A journey worthwhile if only to make a difference in one persons life would be a job well done.

Why, Get In Shape Challenge?

There are many reasons why the Get In Shape Challenge is important to the fitness and mental health industry.  

We’ve been a part of the online community promoting home workouts since 2004 helping individuals get in the best shape of their life right from the comfort of their home.  

#1 Long Term Issue

The biggest problem with the health and fitness industry has not just started. This issue is the backbone of the industry’s wealth yet the biggest obstacle for individuals who wish for nothing more than to be healthy, fit and strong. 

This issue strongly effects the health and physical of the individual however, this is not the case in the #2 Immediate issue caused by covid-19. 

#2 Immediate Issue

Often times the reason for others to desire getting fit and started with a fitness routine is for health reasons. The last 25 years however, the reasons behind starting a fitness routine often supports the needs of those who are stressed and/or depressed feel more in control of their situations. 

Now that the world is facing the Covid-19 issues we have two sides. Those who have found their daily schedules completely haulted and no where to suppress their emotions we have a new group of people who have a need to gain back control as t heir world is being turned upside down. While this is a positive response behavior their needs are not being met. Socialization and everything they know has come to a strict hault. 

Learn from the very best

Connect with Robyne and the world of Get In Shape Challenge today. We make sure every body walks away understanding how they too can get in the best shape of their life without wayward strict diets, pills, random workouts rather a journey of self expression so they too have the opportunity to connect with their inner strength and become stronger as an individual not weaker.  

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