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Welcome to meal planning where we begin to go over the 10 Day + and meal planning. 

As you advance through the program more tools, resources and guidelines will be discussed.  

The guidelines are provided to help you get to know the program better so your progress is smooth.





These guidelines are basic starter procedures to the first 30 days of the membership and program.

Understanding these guidelines will make navigating through the program smooth.

Do note however, as you progress through the program more tools and their guidelines will become available. 

We want 2021FIT fun, progressive, and a top of the line learning environment that’s 100% safe.

If you ever have questions about these guidelines and procedures please contact us using the black box at the bottom of this page. 

Just so you know, at the bottom of each page there is a black box. This black box is provided should you ever have a question or comment. Each black box is associated with each specific page. 

This organization makes things easier for both of us. This way you can send a question or comment when the thought is on your mind and when we receive your message we know what your concern regards. This helps us be more efficient and quick at responding back to you. 

With Gratitude, 

2021FIT Team

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The one thing you will become most familiar with, especially in the beginning, are the daily lessons. So, lets briefly go over them here.

The purpose of the Daily Lessons are to keep you on the right path and prevent you from either doing too much, doing too little or getting sidetracked from all the hype and bling-bling that you’ll still see outside of the membership in the every day world. 

If it’s not on the daily lessons you don’t need to do anything else unless of course you want to write in your daily journal found in your private user profile account (Only available to Annual members).

Every daily lesson provides an introduction and various lesson(s). At the bottom of each page you will see a previous/next button. When you click on the next button chances are you will have a 404 page come up. That happens because we have a daily drip. This means that each new day you have new materials. 

Additionally, at the bottom of the page is a black box. This black box is provided so if you have any questions and/or comments regarding the lessons, etc, you can simply click the black box to send us a message. Each black box is conducive to each day. So, if you have a question abt day 1 try to click on day #1 black box. 

At the top of each page is a title of names. If it has a pink link you are able to go back to that page. Maneuvering around the membership is as simple as a click. 


Even though you don’t see specific tools or resources now doesn’t mean we don’t have them. 2021FIT is a strategy based membership and resources and tools are scheduled at various times.  Too much info is a distraction.

Imagine meeting a trainer for the first time and that trainer throws you a list of books to buy and says see you in a week. That’s how we would feel if we just threw a bunch of materials at you. It truly wouldn’t serve you. 

I know a lot of memberships do this but we don’t. We truly care about your success and have been helping hundreds of thousands get in the best shape of their life following the same protocol with a few tweaks along the way for over 40 years. You are in good hands. 

If you’re curious about the timeline of things to come take a look at a brief synopsis of our timeline below. 

Our system is perfect for the beginner but also perfect for the advanced who feels they aren’t getting the type of results they’d like to see and are deserving of achieving. 


2021FIT has thousands of pages to share with you one step at a time. So, hang in there and enjoy your journey.

Everything is laid out in a color coded system.

  • Beginner = Green
  • Intermediate = Green
  • Advanced = Red


Resources range from self mastery, cooking, recipes, grocery shopping, meal planning, creating flavor, exercise, yoga, meditation and much more.

Each resource provides a learning center too which I think you will love.


If you’d like to play around with your schedule to determine if our scheduled starting date is best for you and your schedule or to see the best starting date for you check out this calendar. 

If you want to use this blank calendar go ahead and left click to download to your computer. Then print it out.

If you have colored pencils, markers or pens all the better. If all you have for now is a pen or pencil that’s great too. You can always color the boxes later. For now simply write in at the top of each box the type of day it is; 

Low (L)

Medium (M)

High (H)



Most frequent questions and answers

Exercise classes are available on the 15th day of your membership. 

We’ve been following this same protocol for over 40 years.

Our reason is that most people feel overwhelmed by too many to-do’s and changes at once. I understand feeling extra motivated and wanting to take it all on… but too much in the beginning can be stressful.

Creating a foundation in the beginning is key as you move forward. 


Have a question? See a typo? Email us your question or comment. We’ll respond within 24-48 hours.

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