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General Assessment

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Congratulations! These are exciting times! You are one step closer to achieving your fitness goals.  

Our “Build Your Body” assessment starts with general questions. Each step into the Assessment gets a little more detailed by asking you what you want and expect from your “Build Your Body” experience. 

You can expect the Assessment to take approximately 15 minutes however, some people like to take longer and provide detailed answers.

The Assessment ask questions pertaining to your fitness and weight loss goals, injury’s, medical etc. The purpose of this Assessment is to understand your strengths and weaknesses so we can strive towards building you a balanced body; strength, function, balance, endurance and aesthetics.

All your answers are kept confidential and are in no way directly shared with anyone.

NOTE: All questions are required. If a question is not applicable to you please type N/A or not applicable. 

Once this page is completed please click on the green “Next Page” button to forward to the next section.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this Assessment. Once the assessment is complete you will go to the Build Your Body class schedule where you can book your first class and start participating in our highly acclaimed fitness classes. 

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