Terms of Agreement

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Please read through the TERMS AND POLICY AGREEMENT and indicate whether you agree to their terms: 

–Get In Shape Challenge, “BUILD YOUR BODY” provides exercise fitness classes online inclusive to fitness, weight loss and self mastery services and products. 

–You are urged to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before taking part in the Get In Shape Challenge “BUILD YOUR BODY” FITNESS classes and any of their services/courses/products provided.

–Individuals who have recently been under a physician’s care and/or those who possess health risks will be required to obtain a medical release. 

–In no event shall any GET IN SHAPE CHALLENGE “BUILD YOUR BODY” SERVICE, EMPLOYEE/TRAINER/OWNER be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential injury however caused and on any theory of liability arising in any way of the information provided by the GET IN SHAPE CHALLENGE “BUILD YOUR BODY” EMPLOYEE/TRAINER/OWNER, even if advised of the possibility of such injury. 

–If by the reason of injury or permanent disability or death and the member is unable to continue the member or members estate shall be released from the obligations of GET IN SHAPE CHALLENGE “BUILD YOUR BODY” TERMS & POLICY AGREEMENT. 


You understand and agree:

    • All members/participants must fill out the Get In Shape Challenge “BUILD YOUR BODY” Assessment Form online before participating with any GET IN SHAPE CHALLENGE “BUILD YOUR BODY” SERVICES OR PRODUCTS.
    • GET IN SHAPE CHALLENGE reserves the right to change, delete, or modify the Policy Agreement at any time.
    • GET IN SHAPE CHALLENGE records group exercise classes to file and keep in archive on websites and computer.   
    • GET IN SHAPE CHALLENGE may use group exercise classes to share with various media formats including social networking media.
    • GET IN SHAPE CHALLENGE may use testimonials; written/audio/video form in various media form.

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